The Body of a Missing Hong Kong Influencer Abby Choi Was Discovered in a Refrigerator

Abby Choi's Tragic Death

Tuesday, Hong Kong police began searching a landfill for clues relating to the murder of model Abby Choi. The 28-year-old model’s fragmented body parts were discovered in a refrigerator and several pots, sparking worldwide attention in her case.

Alex Kwong, his father Kwong Kau, and his brother Anthony Kwong were charged with murder after body parts were discovered in a property rented by Kwong Kau in a Hong Kong neighborhood around 30 minutes from mainland China.

Jenny Li, the mother of Alex Kwong, is charged with one count of perverting the course of justice. Each defendant was held without bail.

The defendants have not yet filed their pleas, and it would appear that their attorneys have not made any comments to the public on the matter. The proceeding has been postponed till the month May.

In the early hours of Tuesday, law enforcement personnel outfitted with protective gear traveled to the North East New Territories Landfill in Ta Kwu Ling, which is around a 15-minute drive from mainland China, in an effort to hunt for the missing body parts. Earlier reports from the police stated that they were still looking for her hands and body.

Tuesday, Alex Kwong appeared in a different court for a previous theft case in which he skipped bail.

Choi, who had more than 100,000 Instagram followers, vanished on February 21, according to a report filed later with the Hong Kong Police.

Her most recent post, which was published on February 19, included a picture session she had done for the fashion magazine L’Officiel Monaco.

Choi had financial conflicts with her ex-husband and his family involving tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars (millions of dollars), police said previously, adding that “certain persons” were upset with how Choi managed her funds.

Bernard Cheng, Choi’s acquaintance, stated that he originally believed she had been kidnapped.

“I never dreamed a person so wonderful, so kind, so pure, who does nothing wrong, would be slain in this manner,” he added. “My heart remains heavy. I have trouble sleeping.”

Cheng stated that Choi has four children between the ages of 3 and 10. Alex Kwong, age 28, was the father of the two elder children that are cared for by Choi’s mother. Choi wedded Chris Tam, the father of the younger children currently residing with his family.

Cheng stated that Choi had positive ties with her family, including her in-laws, and that she traveled with the families of her current and prior spouses.

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