Nikita Dragun has created an account on OnlyFans: How did netizens respond to this?

Nikita Dragun has created an account on OnlyFans

Nikita Dragun is the most recent social media celebrity to join OnlyFans. After her latest arrest in Florida landed her in a men’s jail, the trans influencer is starting an OnlyFans campaign to encourage her followers to love her body.

The YouTube celebrity was arrested for felony assault on a police officer in Florida in November 2022 and incarcerated in a men’s jail unit. According to her representatives, the arrest document identifies the beauty influencer as a guy.

In the bail court, Dragun said with tears in her eyes, “Do I still have to stay here in the men’s unit?” However, the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department refuted her claim, stating, “Inmate Dragun was never placed in a men’s facility since she never completed the booking procedure prior to her release.”

The TikTok celebrity has been absent from social media since the incident. The social media influencer’s representatives have requested her followers to allow her time to digest the situation. Learn more about Nikita’s choice to join OnlyFans by reading on.

Nikita Dragun has created an account on OnlyFans

Yes, you read that correctly. The social media celebrity has opened an account on OnlyFans. Nikita emerged from her shell on Tuesday to expose herself and give transphobes hell. She announced the launch of her OnlyFans account on Instagram and Twitter.

Dragun uploaded a preview video to her official social media accounts. “glad to tell you that YES I have a d**k, YES I recently started an onlyfans, and YES’m going to display it,” read the video’s description.

If you are a fan of Nikita Dragun, you may pay $23.99 per month for a subscription to her OnlyFans account. You may learn more about the social media celebrity if you subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

How did netizens respond to Nikita Dragun’s decision to join OnlyFans?

As soon as word spread that Nikita had joined OnlyFans, followers of the social media star flooded the post’s comments area with many remarks.

One social media user posted on Twitter, “The Queen has joined the conversation.” Another user responded, “PERIOD B****! Welcome to the household! Love you, sis!” A remark stated, “You should create a YouTube video to explain all of this.”

Then a person said, “fine, but now may I ask you a million questions about your fave thongs? Because I have no one to bounce ideas and recommendations off of and I’m quite selective.” Another user then stated, “I love you.”

A person remarked, “Bitch I thought you were still locked up,” while another user wrote, “I have to pay for this out of simple curiosity.” Someone tweeted, “GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK, DOLL”

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