Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date, Spoiler and What We Know So Far

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date, Spoiler and What We Know So Far

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 will come out in March 2023. Here are the most recent details you need to know.

Dragon Ball Super is a manga series from Japan that was written and drawn by Toyotaro. The Dragon Ball series was based on the first book that Akira Toriyama wrote for it. What happened after Majin Buu was defeated in Dragon Ball Z is what the story is about.

The main points of the story are how Goku gets stronger and how the bad guy Frieza shows up. When Goku and his friends face off against brand-new, powerful enemies, the manga adds new characters and brings back some old favorites.

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The show also looks at family and friendship, as well as how important it is to stand up for what is right.

Fans of the popular series Dragon Ball Super are always excited for the next episode.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date

Chapter 91 of Dragon Ball Super will arrive out at noon on March 19, 2023. So, put a bookmark in your browser to remind yourself to read this latest Dragon Ball Super chapter.

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91?

Chapter 91, the newest part of Dragon Ball Super, has already been printed in Shueisha’s magazine. Soon, fans all over the world will be able to read it online on sites like Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoiler

There have been no official hints about what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91, but the dancing party will be a big part of the next chapter. This will help us understand why Dr. Hedo went to the party even though he forgot to bring the secret disc. Goten is flying the Flying Nimbus in the picture below. He is using a computer.

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The Flying Nimbus has shown up more than once in the Dragon Ball series, and fans were glad to see it again. Throughout the whole series, Goku and his children have used their ability to fly quickly without using energy.

In another set of early sketches, Goten and his friends get on the bus, and a woman comes up to them with a question. The bus stops quickly and unexpectedly because of a traffic jam.

The story has a slice-of-life feel because of these panels, which has made Twitter users react in different ways. Krillin will fight Dr. Hedo and his androids in Chapter 90, which is expected to be another Goten and Trunk adventure.

Also, the chapter will pay more attention to Goten, who hasn’t been getting much attention in recent chapters. It will be interesting to see where the manga by Toyotarou goes from here.

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