How can you permanently close your Flipkart pay later account?

How can you permanently close your Flipkart pay later account?

Even if you do not use the Pay Later service, you should know how to completely close your Flipkart Pay Later account since it impacts your credit score and may prevent you from preserving the correctness of your CIBIL score.

Once a Pay Later account has been removed, you must contact Flipkart to cancel this account because there is no option on the Flipkart website or app to discontinue the Pay Later service.

How can you permanently close your Flipkart pay later account?

Flipkart Pay Later is a service provided by the Indian e-commerce business Flipkart. Instead of paying for items at the time of purchase on Flipkart, consumers can purchase items and pay for them later.

It may be a sensible option for clients who desire to make a purchase from Flipkart but require additional funds instantly.

Currently, only eligible customers may utilize Flipkart Pay Later. This post discusses the new method for canceling a Flipkart Pay Later account permanently.

  1. Open the Flipkart website or mobile application and sign in.
  2. Go to the Flipkart support center page.
  3. The option “I want assistance with other difficulties” is accessible.
  4. Click Others, followed by Other.
  5. You may now chat with the customer support agent or request that they call you back.
  6. If you’ve established a chat or phone connection, request that they deactivate the account and mail you the closure paperwork.
  7. Your Flipkart Pay Later account will be canceled in one month, and it will reflect as closed on your CIBIL report within two to three months.

How can the Flipkart pay later option to be deleted online?

You have the choice of closing your Flipkart PayLater account. Are you willing to do that? If so, continue reading for online instructions on how to close your Flipkart Pay Later account.

The online retailer Flipkart offers a “Pay later account” option via which users may register an account and acquire a credit limit of up to $20,000 that can be used to make purchases and paid off the following month.

Aadhaar and PAN cards may be used to access your Pay later account application. See your CIBIL score report if you want assistance identifying whether you have a Pay Later loan account (IDFC FIRST Bank). If you do, you may close the account whenever you want to avoid a credit score reduction.

Delete Flipkart Pay later choices Online

  1. First, I contacted Flipkart’s customer care, who informed me that there was no option to delete my Pay later account. When I phoned IFDC First Bank (a partner bank) to shut down my account, I was informed that Flipkart must cancel first.
  2. Ultimately, I requested that my Pay Later account be closed by sending an email to the Flipkart escalation staff at [email protected]
  3. Five days later, my Flipkart Pay Later account was canceled. In my account, you can see that I have deactivated the Pay later option.
  4. In this method, you may cancel and deactivate your Flipkart Pay later account online. After closing your Flipkart Pay Later account, you can email a partner bank to request the loan account be removed from your CIBIL score.


The quickest way to deactivate your Pay Later account on Flipkart is to phone customer support and let them know, along with an explanation, why you wish to do so. In this case, we offer 24-hour customer care, so you may contact us whenever you like.

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